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To celebrate the launch of our new blog fuckyeahhylia, we have decided to have an amazing giveaway for the lovely people of tumblr. There are two prizes including a Wii U: Premium Pack (Black) and a Nintendo 3DS: The Legend of Zelda Limited Edition. The deadline and drawing date is on the bottom.


Wii U: Premium Pack (Black) - The reason for me giving away such a prize is because I had won the Wii U for free at a raffle, even though I already had my own. At first I wanted to sell the whole pack, but with the release of Wind Waker HD coming to the Wii U, I would rather a legitimate and deserving Nintendo fan get the opportunity to play it instead of someone attempting to buy it off me to save a few bucks. However, I do want at least SOME money out of it, so I will be selling the NintendoLand game elsewhere. Therefore, the NintendoLand software that is included with the Premium Pack will NOT be included in this giveaway.  Other than that, the console itself is brand-spanking new (unused), and is packed and ready to be given to the lucky winner.

For more details on the Wii U: Premium Pack (Black) prize, message Noel on either his blog or fuckyeahhylia.


Nintendo 3DS: The Legend of Zelda Limited Edition - People around tumblr have always been sulking about not having this limited edition Zelda 3DS. I won this $100 prepaid visa gift card at an orchestra banquet last year and I hadn’t used it, apparently. So, I decided to search for the 3DS on eBay and I was actually surprised to find one under the budget! Gave the card to my mother and she took care of the rest. It’s in pretty great condition, barely used, all the functions are fine, the screen is as sharp as a tack. However, this was just for the hand-held device, not Ocarina of Time 3DS. I can’t provide for everything! Also, it didn’t come in the original packaging, so I’ll send it bubble wrapped and safe inside a small box. Charger and stand included.

For more details on the Nintendo 3DS: The Legend of Zelda Limited Edition prize, message Elly on either her blog or fuckyeahhylia.


To enter the draw, you must be following fuckyeahhylia since this is to celebrate our blog’s launch.

  • NO LIKES (unless it’s to come back to the original post)
  • Your reblog will count as one (1) entry.

BONUS (now this is where it get’s interesting)


  • You may only win up to one prize to make the giveaway more fun and interesting. However, you may request to switch to the other prize if the other winner is willing to.
  • Every url taking part will be written down on {x} amounts of paper slips depending on your amounts of entries and will be placed into a lottery bowl. There will be a total of two lotteries, one lottery by Noel determining the winner of the Wii U and the reserves, and the other lottery by Elly determining the winner of the 3DS and the reserves. The drawings of the url out of the lottery will be filmed and uploaded onto fuckyeahhylia to prove fairness in the draw.
  • There are no limits to where the prizes can be shipped to (in other words, can be shipped internationally). However, the prizes may take up to 8-12 working days to ship until you receive the prize. You must be able to provide us your address.
  • If you change your URL, deactivate your account etc. before the end of the lottery, a new winner will be announced.

The cutoff deadline for the giveaway is March 25th, 2013,  12:00AM EST. The drawing will be uploaded on March 30th, 2013, 8:30PM EST. Have fun and good luck!

god bless jesus christ’s soul, and your soul too

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aint got shit on me

aint got shit on me


on top of the world

ok amg

some people here don’t even have to have tags

they get insta-liked and reblogged

i wanna be like that :c



b: hey so im having this party and rebeccas totally not invited

n: yeah i totally hate her, nobody likes her

j: hey guys, i mean, i like rebecca. she cool.

b: excuse me, what? you /like/ rebecca?

j: yeah i mean we just be hangin out last weekend and she didnt say anything about you guys

b: we didnt say anything about rumors

j: no

and that is a depiction of rumor spreading, note, this does not actually happen.

Sorry i ran out of room; continuing where i left off: the great mushroom war did not happen. My sister also theorized by the voice and body build and previous knolowdge that Susan Strong is Finn's mother. (This is the continution to the question you asked earlier.)

woah I would’ve never thought of that, also don’t you think it’s strange how Princess Bubblegum is seen having coffee with the Lich in the Worm episode? I feel like there’s some sorta relationship there, Pb’s definitely not saying something. She /also/ already knew that that wasn’t really Billy beforehand as she shouted to Finn to stop. crazy stuff goin’ on. :p